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Signet Centre is seeing families, marriages restored and physical healings manifest as the presence of God touches lives. The ministry of Signet Centre is done is a safe caring environment where trained prayer ministry teams depend on the Holy Spirit to bring healing to life’s hurt. The teams are seen the compassion and love of God touch and transform hurts bringing restoration to individual’s lives and adults and children. A new sense of purpose and destiny is being imparted.
Testimonies have come across the nation

Co Founder Glen Hansen and Ministry Teams flow in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which Facilitate Physical and inner healing. Glen teaches courses on inner healing with on going training for those involved in the ministry. Phone the Centre for information on the next course. As part of this unique outreach the teams do prayer ministry by conference calls within North America. Phone to book an appointment.

Signet Centre
733 - 13 St.N.
Lethbridge, Alberta
Canada T1H 2T2
Phone: (403) 328-8900